Exercise to lose weight on stomach

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Exercise to lose weight on stomachStomach heads the list in a rating of the human body areas, which are difficult to reduce in volume. Many people believe that in order to remove belly fat, it is enough to do simple exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Performing regular exercises for the abs only strengthen them. If you would like to exercise to lose weight on stomach effectively, it is necessary to have proper diet as well.

In order to get best results, remember the following rules how to exercise to lose weight on stomach, to reduce it:

1. Exercise stomach in a well ventilated room.

2. It would be better to put the carpet on the floor.

3. Professional trainers strongly recommend to workout on an empty stomach in the morning.

4. It is permitted to have some draughts of water to wet your whistle during exercise.

5. Remember that only those people, who do not have problems with back, could exercise stomach.

6. Speed of exercises should be high enough to burn fat actively.

7. Exercises should be started from a small number of reiterations: three sets of 10-15 times. It is necessary to increase the number of reiterations over time, leaving a number of sets the same.

8. Remember that all the exercises should be done smoothly without jerking. It is better to breathe in, rising the trunk, and breathe out, returning to the beginning position.

9. It is necessary to exercise stomach regularly to lose weight - at least 4-6 times a week.

The minimum complex of exercises which should be done to decrease your stomach in volume:

The first exercise. Each workout should be started with a stretch. For its performance you should get on the floor, flex your knees, bring hands behind your head and stretch the muscles gently. Stay in this position for several minutes.

The second exercise. Lie down on the floor, bring your hands behind your head, bend your legs and put feet together. After the taking up of the beginning position, start the exercise: lift your upper body toward your knees. Shoulder-blades should be slightly raised from the floor and waist should stay put.

The third exercise. The beginning position is the same as in the previous exercise, but the knees should be slightly apart. When lifting the body you should stretch the elbow to the opposite knee alternately.

The fourth exercise. Beginning position: Lie down on your back, knees are bent and separated for the width of the foot, arms are along the body. When doing this exercise, trunk should come up from the floor completely, and hands should be stretched forward.

The fifth exercise. Beginning position: Lie down on your back, knees are bent, hands are separated and prone to the floor. You should lift your half-bent legs at right angles, tilting legs alternately from side to side. During exercise, it is necessary to try to touch the floor with legs (at inhalation) and take them back (at exhalation).

The sixth exercise. Beginning position: Lie down on your back, knees are half-bent, hands are separated along the body. It is necessary to lift your pelvis up and waist should stay put. After returning to the beginning position, it is necessary to raise the waist and the shoulders and pelvis stay put.

The seventh exercise. Beginning position: Lie down on your back, bring your hands behind your head, knees are bent. Try to lift your upper body and legs simultaneously. During the exercise, try to reach the elbows to the knees.

This is one of many complexes to create a beautiful stomach. You can choose another complex of exercises that will be perfect for you. To improve the effect of losing weight with exercise for the abs, eat correctly and use the Hodia complex.

Good luck in the shaping of a beautiful and flat stomach!

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