Interval Running for Weight Loss

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Interval Running for Weight LossRunning is an absolutely natural form of human activity. While running metabolism speeds up in the body, cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory system are developed and improved. Interval running for weight loss is runningwhich includes the alternation of different types of running.

Depending on what types of running are included in the interval training, there are three main types of interval running: interval sprints, repeated and tempo running.

If you want to lose a few extra pounds, the addition of low-calorie balanced diet regular exercise will give excellent results. While running, the average person loses 100 calories per kilometer passable distance. Number of burned calories depends not on the speed of running but on person’s weight. For example, man whose weight is 100 kg will spend twice more calories than the man whose weight is 50 kg.

What is the benefit of running? Besides that people with excess weight after regular workouts bring their weight back to normal, running influences favorably on the human body in general. In particular, it normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the elasticity of blood vessels, the lungs and the cardiovascular system that reduces the risk of heart attacks.

How to use properly interval running for weight loss? If the main purpose of interval running is to lose excess weight, training should be done 3-4 times a week. Training should be started with warming up: slow jogging or walking at fast speed to have better effect.

It is important to watch for the proper breathing during training. You should choose an average rate for the training, which will not interrupt breath. Breath during the interval running should be so that you could talk easily with your training partner while running. If breathing becomes broken, it is better to restore it with the transition to a step.

Training should consist of step alternation (50 meters), slow jogging (50 meters) and running as quickly as possible (50 meters). If you could not measure the distance, you could split the training time: 10 minutes of running at a slow pace and 1 minute of fast running.

Before starting training it is useful to consult with a trainer and a nutritionist. Do not forget to do warming up exercises before every training.

Useful advices for those who wishes to start training on interval running:

- It is better to train at a certain time in a park or forest belt.

- Shoes should be comfortable.

- Nutrition should be right during trainings. Do not use a strict diet, as it can lead to the fact that instead of losing weight after long workouts you could gain weight.

- Start a food diary.

- When your body gets used to a certain exercise intensity gradually increase the distance and time of your workout.

- Watch for the right technique of running. Newcomers often get injuries due to improper posture while running.

Proper running technique is that man should not omit his head and bend his back while running. Shoulders should be omited, hands should be free, the back should be straight, hands should be lightly compressed in fists, jaw should be relaxed and the teeth should be linked during the training.

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Have successful trainings! Be beautiful, healthy and slim!

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