Jumping rope for weight loss workout

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Jumping rope for weight loss workoutDid you jump rope long time ago? Probably everyone had fun jumping rope in childhood. And do you know that exactly jumping rope is very effective for weight loss? In this article we will talk how to jump rope in order to lose weight very well.

Jumping rope is a very simple and effective exercise for weight loss. In addition, jumping rope for weight loss workout is not only useful, but also pleasantly, because according to statistics, many people associate jumping rope with childhood memories. Jumping rope is much easier to perform than running or cycling. It should also be noted that jumping rope you can do at any time of the year, both out of doors and at home.

Jumping rope has a beneficial effect on your body, in particular:

- calories burn actively;

- training of many muscle groups;

- strengthening of the cardiovascular system;

- development of endurance.

Person, whose weight is seventy kilograms, burns about seven hundred twenty calories, jumping rope for one hour.

Jumping rope for weight loss workout represent enough difficult kind of exercises. That is why there are a number of contraindications, such as:

- hard headaches;

- a full stomach;

- a number of diseases of the heart;

- too much excess weight over standard mass index;

- diseases of the heart and circulatory system;

- pressure differences;

- diseases of the joints and cartilages.

How to start training? First of all, in order to start jumping rope, you should have the rope itself. It means first of all you need to buy a rope for training. Optimal diameter of the rope for training should be about 0.8 - 0.9 centimeters. The optimal length of the rope should be determined as follows: you should stand on the middle of the rope with both feet, take it with both hands and raise arms upward, splaying out from your body, so that the hands were eventually on a level of axillary spaces or a little higher. In that case if the rope is longer, it will be not comfortable to train with such rope.

How to perform jumping rope for weight loss workout? If you did not train for a long time, then before to start training you should limber up of jog for a while. Remember that only following the regularity of trainings, you will be able to achieve a positive effect.

Jumping rope workouts should be started with the lowest frequency to avoid injuries and warm up the muscles. After a while the pace of trainings should be increased. To lose weight, you have to perform jumping rope without stopping for thirty minutes. It is necessary to train at least three times a week.

Of course, you should not forget that the quality and balance of your diet influence the results of weight loss greatly. If you want to improve your results, you can include «Hoodia» complex in your diet after you consult your attending physician.

Good luck in achieving of your goals!

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