Morning exercises for weight loss

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Morning exercises for weight lossHow to start your morning? Perhaps, do you think it would be better to start it with a cup of tea or coffee? But the whole day you feel tired and lack of energy, don’t you? Maybe, would it be better to start the morning properly? Start the morning with morning exercises, and you will feel a surge of strength and energy for a full day! In this article you could become familiar with the most common and most effective option of morning exercises.

Morning exercises for weight loss are good because they take a little time and meanwhile are the very effective way to get rid of a few extra pounds. Such exercises will help you to nail down results in the weight loss, which you obtained with help of diet or fitness.

Well, morning exercises for weight loss include exercises that help to reduce the sizes of problem areas:

1) As with any other set of exercises, you should carry out warming-up exercise: walking in place for 30 seconds, raising your knees high. It is necessary to inhale while making the first four steps, and exhale while making the next four steps.

2) When lifting your arms up, you need to move a straight leg back, bending backwards at the same time. Then return to the beginning position. Bend the leg and pull the knee to the chest with your hands. Make the same with the other leg. It is necessary to carry out 3-4 repetitions for each leg.

3) The beginning position: feet are astraddle. It is necessary to bend your right leg and bend forward springy to the toe the left leg, which should not be bent. It is necessary to carry out 4-6 bends to each leg.

4) The beginning position is the same as in the previous exercise. It is necessary to carry out 6-8 circular motions with pelvis to each side. When performing this exercise, make sure to protrude and suck in the abdominal wall periodically.

5) Make 15-20 repetitions of squats.

6) The beginning position: standing on tiptoes. Within twenty seconds it is necessary to carry out springy movement, flexing and extending legs at the ankle joints.

7) Jumping on two and on one leg in turns for 30 seconds. It is necessary to finish the exercise, walking at a slow pace in place.

8) The beginning position: lie down on your back, knees are bent. Then sit, straightening your legs, and try to touch your knees with your face twice, bending forward. Then return to the beginning position. Carry out 12-16 sets.

9) The beginning position: lie down on your back. It is necessary to protrude and suck in the abdominal wall, gently pressing on it.

10) The beginning position: standing, place your feet shoulder-width apart, move your arms aside and backwards, bend backwards and inhale. Then bend over, hands are relaxed, and exhale. The number of repetitions is three or four times.

Ten basic exercises will help you to feel refreshed and joyful. Performing them regularly, you could lose a few extra pounds. For maximum effect, you need to use more fruit and vegetables (cabbage, apples, greens, bread from coarse flour) for food. If you do not have time to monitor your diet carefully but you want to lose weight and eat a daily quota of vitamins and minerals, include «Hoodia» complex in your diet.

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