The best workout to lose belly fat fast

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The best workout to lose belly fat fastMany women face the same problem – excessive weight. In particular, many women care about a single question: "What is the best workout to lose belly fat fast to get rid of extra inches at the waist?" In this article we present some of the most effective exercises to lose belly fat. Remember that exercises should be performed regularly in order to achieve the desired result.

Struggle against extra inches on your stomach is one of the most difficult. It is physiologically inherent in the human body, that the body wastes fat reserves from the sides and belly after all the others.

The best workout to lose belly fat fast and easy.

You will not need any special devices to lose belly fat at home. All you need is sports wear, mat and a good mood. Remember that it is very difficult, to lose weight and to reduce volume of the belly for a week, because in most cases, the fat reserves are being accumulated over the years. Therefore, it is necessary to train long and hard enough to get results. It would be better to perform workouts to lose belly fat as a single set with the usual morning exercises.

Simple exercises to lose belly fat at home is skipping rope and twirling the hula hoop. For workouts, use the following exercises:

1) Lie on your back, bend your knees and place the feet at shoulder length, hands are behind your head, lower back should be pressed to the floor. Lift the shoulders and shoulder blades off the floor so that the lower back was not broken away from the floor. Meanwhile, keep elbows moved apart. Number of lifting should be gradually raised to 20 times in a single set. Three sets should be performed.

2) The beginning position is the same as in the previous exercise. It is necessary to raise the whole body. Perform from 10 to 50 repetitions during one set.

3) The beginning position is back-lying, head and shoulders are pressed to the floor. On the exhalation, lift the straight legs up, meanwhile the arms are based upon the floor. Perform 10-15 repetitions during one set.

4) To strengthen the oblique muscles, it is necessary to perform the following exercise. The beginning position is back-lying. It is necessary to rise both straight legs from the floor, meanwhile your hands are behind your head, the body is slightly raised. Bend the knee and stretch out to the opposite hand interchangeably. It is necessary to perform six sets of six repetitions.

We wish you success in losing weight. Take care of yourself and be beautiful!

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