Quick weight loss exercises for stomach

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Quick weight loss exercises for stomachAre you still trying to get rid of those extra pounds and to decrease in the volume your waist and hips? Remember that there are no hopeless situations. We offer to your attention a list of the most effective exercises for weight loss of one of the most problematic areas of women’s body. You could combine the quick weight loss exercises for stomach in concordance with exactly those areas of your stomach which you would like to decrease. Before listing of the exercises, we would like to remind that only regular exercises and proper diet could help you to lose weight and to reduce the waist measurement to the desired standards. It should also be noted that the weight loss exercises for stomach should be performed as a single set with aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Remember that exercises should be performed with different amplitudes.

The most important thing is to learn how to control yourself, in particular, your laziness. Remember that the systematicity of trainings performance is one of the main criteria for obtainment of great results. To enhance the effect of exercise, professional fitness trainers recommend to keep to a special diet (including supplements, for example, Hoodia complex) for slimming of the hips and stomach.

Carry out only those exercises which are not contraindicated. Performance of weight loss exercises are contraindicated in people which have diseases of the back.

Quick weight loss exercises for stomach.

The first exercise is performed lying on the floor. The beginning position: knees are bent, arms lie along the body. At the exhalation, do the raise of the upper body, specifically the shoulders and the head. At the inhalation, lie down on the floor. Duration of exercise should be from one to three minutes.

The second exercise. The beginning position is the same as in the previous exercise, but the arms are folded across the chest. In this position at the exhalation, do the raise of the upper body to the knees. It is necessary to perform this exercise slowly and smoothly, without stopping for three to four minutes. This exercise helps to train the lower abdomen.

The third exercise. The beginning position: Lie down on the floor with the hands under the buttocks (to do exercises more complicated, you could stretch your arms along your body.) At the exhalation, it is necessary to lift up straight legs to 45 degrees above the floor. At the inhalation, drop down the legs on the floor.

The trainings should be repeated two to three times a week. Each exercise should be performed in three sets of 20-30 times. If you did not train before, it is necessary to start from a small number of reiterations, gradually increasing the number of reiterations.

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