Strength exercises for weight loss

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Strength exercises for weight lossDo you want to lose weight but do not want to lose the physical endurance and strength? Then strength exercises for weight loss are ideal for you. In this article, we will explain why strength exercises are the excellent way to lose weight for many people.

Why strength exercises are best suited for those people, who want to lose weight?

In the first place, strength training helps to speed up the burning of fat and calories as well as 300 to 400 calories are burned per day at comprehensive training.

In the second place, strength exercises for weight loss increase the metabolic rate, which continues to be heightened even during a few hours after the training. That is to say, your body continues to burn calories after weight training, meanwhile you could relax.

In the third place, the strength exercises help to maintain the desired muscle mass and to keep the weight normal. When losing weight through diet, not only fat but also muscle mass is often lost, that gives a person not very nice appearance. When losing weight with strength training, person not only loses extra pounds but creates the shapely and toned up figure as well.

Remember that you should keep to the proper nutrition. There should be a ten-minute muscle flexing, which will help to warm up all muscle groups, before each training. Strength trainings for weight loss are optimized for a large number of repetitions in each set with low weight.

It is contra-indicated to perform the strength trainings for people with disorders of cardiovascular system or injuries of vertebral column and joints. It is necessary to consult your doctor before to start strength exercises.

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