Salt-free diet for weight loss

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Salt-free diet for weight lossWould you like to lose weight quickly and easily? Refuse only one product and you will quickly lose weight and have not only great shape, but health as well!

Salt is popularly called "the white death". Complete rejection of the salt could be dangerous with complications of the internal organs activity, but the high salt intake is dangerous as well. Salt is included as a compound of the intercellular space, blood, lymph, cells and is involved in all life-giving processes in the body.

Daily intake of salt is between five and eight grams of salt. The most frequently, people use salt for food much too actively, which eventually leads to such consequences as swelling of the face and body, high blood pressure, malfunction of kidney, obesity and so on. If you experience any of the problems listed above, it is necessary to switch over to the salt-free diet, which will not only help to lose a few extra pounds, but to enhance your health as well, immediately.

The salt-free diet for weight loss is a rejection of the use of salt for some time. Nutrition regimen should consist of five meals in small portions during salt-free diet. When keeping to this diet, it is necessary to reject fried, spicy and smoked products. It is allowed to add the butter to the cooked food. It is permitted the consumption of cereals, soups, dairy products (cheese, milk, cottage cheese), eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish, rye bread, crackers, cooked or raw vegetables, sweet berries, jelly, fruit juice, dried fruit, green tea.

When keeping to the salt-free diet for weight loss, it is necessary to exclude all the roasted, spicy, smocked, fatty products, marinade sauces, confectioneries, sweets, pickled products, meat and fish broths, lamb, pork from the usual diet categorically.

Salt-free diet is perfect not only for those people, who want to reduce their body weight, but also to those ones, who have the following disorders and diseases:

- Cardiac decompensation;

- Acute inflammation of the kidneys with strongly marked swelling;

- Ascites;

- Cheiropompholyx, accompanied by sweating of hands and feet;

- Myocardiosclerosis;

- Hypertensive disease;

- Allergic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, eyes;

- Inflammatory processes of the intestinal tract;

- Chronic gastritis;

- Ulcer disease;

- Rheumatism, which is accompanied by swelling.

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