Cabbage Diet for Weight Loss

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Cabbage Diet for Weight LossIs it possible to lose weight within 10 days? It is easy to do keeping to the cabbage diet! The cabbage diet represents one of the most popular diets. This is the ideal diet for those people, who like cabbage in all forms and of all sorts. The cabbage diet for weight loss is quite difficult but it is very effective: weight loss makes up seven to ten kilograms in 10 days.

Cabbage is the unique vegetable that is a natural oncoprotector. Cabbage helps to reduce blood sugar level and normalize the liver and kidneys activity as well. Cabbage consists of a lot of vitamins, vegetable fiber and minerals, which are essential for normal body function.

Cabbage diet for weight loss could be of several types: the diet based on the consumption of an unlimited number of dishes of cabbage or cabbage soup. The cabbage diet is the calorie-controlled diet - daily quantity of calories makes up 800-900. 44 calories per 100 grams are contained in Brussels sprouts, 32 kcal/100 grams - in cauliflower, 32 grams kcal/100 - in cabbage, even less calories - only 19 kcal/100 grams - in fermented cabbage. The advantage of the cabbage diet is that cabbage is easily tolerated by the body. It is allowed to eat cabbage at any time of the day in different quantities.

Approximate menu of cabbage diet for the week:

1) Cabbage soup, any fruit (excepting bananas and grapes).

2) Soup.

3) Soup, a variety of vegetables (excepting potatoes), steamed or in the form of a salad.

4) Soup, it is allowed to drink two cups of 1% milk.

5) Cabbage soup, a pound of boiled or steamed chicken (without skin), fish or beef, it is allowed to include tomatoes in the diet.

6) Soup, two hundred grams of meat, vegetables.

7) Natural fruit juice without sugar, vegetables.

It is necessary to start breakfast with a cup of green tea without sugar or coffee without sugar. If you decided to keep to the cabbage diet, you should know that consumption of alcohol, sugar, starchy foods and confectionery products is prohibited for the entire period of the diet. Repeat of the diet could be done no more than in two months. Frequent repetition of the diet could affect your health condition adversely.

Remember, before to start any diet, it is necessary to consult your attending medical doctor indispensably.

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