HOODIA (Hoodia) Currently, there are various methods of treating obesity in modern medicine. One of the most affordable and effective way to lose weight is a drug for weight loss HOODIA (Hoodia).

New drug for weight loss HOODIA (Hoodia) is a dietary supplement, which includes an extract of Hoodia Gordoni (400 mg), calcium stearate, lactose and maltodekstroza. The main active ingredient, a South African cactus Hoodia Gordoni extract, has a number of unique properties that contribute weight loss. When creating the product HOODIA (Hoodia) genetically modified organisms were not used.

The oldest South African population San survived in times of droughts, famine, and long periods of hunting in the Kalahari Desert thanks to South African cactus Hoodia Gordoni. Hunting for wild animals could last more than a week in the dry periods of the year for the San people. Hoodia Gordoni Cactus (its pith) is food, water and medicines for people, it also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The San people also used the cactus to treat tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, hypertension, diabetes, and various disorders of the digestive system. Thanks to the South African cactus hunters from the San people withstand all physical activities which they had to manage during the hunt. Cactus Hoodia Gordonii could be used for the producing of drugs or as an alternative source of water and food only in five years of growing.

Sphere of applications. HOODIA (Hoodia) is used in low-calorie diet as an indispensable source of energy and nutrients.

Also, Hoodia is used to enhance satiety, normalization of metabolic processes in the human body, as well as to block hunger center in the hypothalamus and improve digestion. Due to the unique properties of the drug Hoodia you could lose weight without dieting and grueling trainings.

The action of the basic substance of the drug HOODIA is aimed at appetite reducing and fat burning. Using Hoodia you’ll quickly lose superfluous weight. In case if you wish a slim figure to become your visiting card as soon as possible, it is recommended to use the drug HOODIA in a complex with cream Hoodia.

HOODIA has no side effects. The drug is not recommended for people with chronic diseases, disorders of the cardiovascular system, during pregnancy and lactation. It is not recommended for those people who have intolerance to any component of the drug.